Solution for MNOs and MVNOs

Our product is our “DN Solution”. At the core of our software is the 3GPP SCEF functionality with many innovations, interfacing with 3GPP core networks.

Our DN Solution includes options for features that might be absent from existing IoT deployments. The options are illustrated with dotted lines below.

To enable massive IoT expansion, operators will need to embrace the Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies, such as, NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M1/M2. IoT devices require small data transfers, and 3GPP has determined that delivery via the control plane is much preferred over using the data plane.

Without traffic management, IoT expansion will result in network congestion.

The intelligent scheduler within the DN Solution solves congestion issues.

Our DN Solution lowers the overall IoT solution cost, reduces the impact of IoT on the RAN, provides control plane access for small data transmissions such as NIDD (Non-IP Data Delivery) and facilitates monetizing IoT by securely exposing services and capabilities of the 3GPP network that promote new use cases and thereby increases the TAM.

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